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“Physician heal thyself!”  - the adage still rings true.  

Massage found me when I needed it most!  - I’m still having my massages, but more importantly for 30 years, I've been practicing relaxing massage, aromatherapy, reiki, sports massage, seated chair massage to clients of all ages, shapes, sizes and levels of fitness. 

 No two treatments are the same, as we’re all individuals with individual physical and mental needs, aches and pains.  I will listen to you, the client, and together we will find a suitable course of treatments.  

Danish born and bred, I’m fully qualified and insured to give the various treatments above, with the additional BA(hons) in fine art – a slight diversion, though it never moved me away from the innate interest in the human condition and form.  

I believe that I’m here to help you heal yourself – which takes us back to the adage ‘Physician heal thyself!”


Shirley Price International

School of Aromatherapy Dip A.  


BSY Group - Sports Massage Diploma Level 3 

BSY Group - Seated Chair Massage Diploma

Reiki 1, 2 and 3

BA(Hons) Fine Art



My interests are yoga, pilates, mindfulness, walking, sculptural knitting and crochet, swimming, languages, travelling and family!

                                                                               Annette Ohlson


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A woman having an aromatherapy massage



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I thought I’d just let you know that the massage you gave me last week was marvellous! 


You somehow straightened out my pelvis where I generally get sciatic type issues on the one side or the other. My sacroiliac joint area was uncomfortable for a couple of days but the discomfort was central and it cleared up.


So just to let you know, I will definitely be back. All being well, in a few weeks time. 


Thank you so much. You clearly have magic hands! 




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Just returned from a fabulous back, shoulder and neck massage! I couldn't recommend New Leaf Therapies highly enough. Annette you've worked wonders, I feel so much more relaxed. Thank you


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With an incredibly stressful job, Annette has become my sanctuary of calm. Thank you for helping me take the pressure of work out of my shoulders.

Your healing hands work wonders on my body and soul.



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